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Vision Destiny World is based upon a simple idea of connecting people and technology at multiple levels, combining trends and reusing what is already developed and working. We strongly believe that all this put together in a simple user experience will generate the trajectory and network effect that is so important for success. EcoSystem Destiny World has a strong belief in the power of ecosystems, communities and sustainability. How often have we all witnessed various projects that was hyped up and then left, and how often have we witnesses the same projects re-hyped and again left. We will recreate that attraction everyone had and boost it by inviting everyone to connect their dApps, protocols and systems into a huge ecosystem. Only when we have the diversity of the entire society and the randomness of all these events and actions, we can truly state that we have developed a fair system for everyone. The same mechanics are used in real life and the real network effect comes alive when we included all. Distribution, Supply and Contracts DECO - Destiny Token Blockchain: Telos Contract: destinytoken Max Supply: Symbol: DECO REES - Rare Earth Elements Blockchain: Telos Contract: destinytoken Max Supply: 30.000 Symbol: REES Auction - Auction and Stake Platform Blockchain: Telos Contract: auctns.dstny, pldeco.dstny Mining - Mining Platform Blockchain: Telos Contract: miness.dstny NFT - NFT Platforms Blockchain: Telos Contract: marble.dstny, wsmrbl.dstny and market.dstny 10% of the Max Supply will be locked for Corpus, Marketing, Funding etc 1% DECO and 3.000 REES will be given as grants to founders to cover bootstrap funding Funding from T-Starter will be used for professionalizing our website and security audits of our contracts. Remains will be used to continuously develop new features and improvements and to rebalance liquidity pools if required.