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Machi X is a collective of artists and patrons, curating and trading digital art. The Machi X DAO is a member-directed organization where members pool resources, create proposals to improve Machi X, and approve governance changes for the Machi X ecosystem. MCX Token Economics The MCX token is the native currency within the Machi X ecosystem, and serves as the governance token for the Machi X DAO. For every 10,000 MCX pledged, members will receive 1 share in the DAO. The utility of MCX can be modified as the Machi X DAO evolves, based on the decisions of the DAO members. MCX tokens can be earned or bought from the marketplace. To buy MCX, visit the Uniswap decentralized exchange. MCX can be earned by parties who contribute to the growth and success of the Machi X DAO. Please join the Machi X discord for more info. MCX holders may stake their MCX into liquidity pools to receive a share of the MCX liquidity provider reward pool. Holders of MCX may also receive rewards for governance and voting rights in the Machi X DAO. Utility of the MCX token include: Governance/voting rights in the Machi X DAO Liquidity provider staking rewards Currency for purchasing Machi X Ecosystem art