Bitcoin Billionaire is a free trading platform equipped with an automated trading system. It’s designed particularly for those who wish to conquer the trading market without learning how to read complicated crypto charts. The service is user-oriented and straightforward. Should you be interested in the complete Bitcoin Billionaire review, you can read it here.

Auto trading vendors like Bitcoin Billionaire are gaining popularity at the speed of light. At the same time, the majority of those who could invest in the trade are still unfamiliar with what a digital currency is, let alone the auto-trading process.

Just like any market, cryptocurrency trading depends upon the shifts in the field. Those who can predict the upcoming shift can benefit greatly from the industry. However, the appearance of auto-trading vendors has pointed out that anyone can participate in the trade despite experience level or budget.

Introduction to Bitcoin Billionaire trading software

Bitcoin Billionaire is a demanded trading system that allows people from all parts of the world to take part in cryptocurrency trades and make an impressive profit from the ventures. One of the main factors determining the platform’s unique approach is the algorithm that proves to be working faster than most. Bitcoin Billionaire is considered to be reputable due to a considerably high success rate.

Despite that, the service is free and requires a fixed deposit to get started with. What’s more, its bots work in synced cooperation with reliable brokers, which adds up to each investment’s profitability. The strategy applied to trading is built on data gathered from serious market investigations always to be true to life and precise. The platform is beginner-friendly and effortless to operate with.

Moreover, unlike its competitors, Bitcoin Billionaire allows it to trade with other currencies as well. You can try your luck with Ethereum and Ripple with this automated trading software.

Is the Bitcoin Billionaire experience different from other trading vendors?

What makes the Bitcoin Billionaire website different from competitors is that it’s absolutely free. Anyone can legally register with the platform, deposit the trading minimum, and start profiting. While a range of trading strategies allow manual trades, despite being reputable, such services are unfit for investors with no experience.

The algorithm implemented by Bitcoin Billionaire has been designed to assist those with no prior experience. The smart trading system does everything on the client’s behalf. The algorithms research the market and offer only the best trades that are available. Moreover, an investor can stop the bot at any time or set a stop-loss option that will stop all the trades automatically in case they’re unprofitable.

How do you join Bitcoin Billionaire?

No matter the reliability of the vendor, the Bitcoin Billionaire registration process is a breeze. There are just a few steps to accomplish. Start with going to the official service page using the device you see fit. There’s no special Bitcoin Billionaire app available at the moment neither is one actually needed.


Once you’re on the website’s landing page, the service would have you complete the registration form. The form is simple and requires standard person-identifying data, such as a username, email address, phone number, and strong password to make sure the account is secured from third-party access or hacking. Once all the data is provided, you’ll have to wait a few minutes before the account is confirmed. Usually, it takes up to 5 minutes, and you should check your email to confirm the registration.

Primary deposit

Upon Bitcoin Billionaire login, you can browse the system for a while. However, to proceed with the process, the primary deposit should be made. While countless trading platforms require significant primary deposits, it takes only $250 to trade with Bitcoin Billionaire. It’s possible to use any payment method on the scale from a credit/debit card to most e-wallets and wire transfers. If it’s a Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill, Paypal, or Netpay, they’re available for required depositing.

Demo test

What makes Bitcoin Billionaire legitimate is that the service allows all users to run a test before starting an actual trade. You can begin from a demo trading mode to feel the system and watch the algorithms, as well as the strategy in the act. People without experience can learn more about the trading process, while experienced traders will get a better hang of the system in general.

Live sessions

After you’re through with the Bitcoin Billionaire test, you can proceed with live trades. It takes as much as to turn the auto bot on and sit back, observing your profits increase. The Bitcoin Billionaire system, when on, will trade the means deposited. Only the most promising deals are made by the service, so the success rate is incredibly high. However, it’s worth remembering that the crypto market is extremely volatile, and losses also happen.

Vital functions proving Bitcoin Billionaire to be reputable

When you ensure a vendor’s straightforwardness, it’s crucial to learn about its perks that add to its reliability.

Payout system

The Bitcoin Billionaire payout system is direct and involves no hidden fees to be afraid of. The amount you profit from the trade depends upon your initial investment, time spent with the platform, and your personal sense of risk.

Verification system

If Bitcoin Billionaire was a scam, the chances that there would be a verification process are slim. The fact that every potential investor should be validated points out that the service treats every client equally cautiously so that there’s nothing to compromise its reputability. Besides, further income withdrawals will be impossible in case the identity of the holder isn’t confirmed.

Withdrawal system

After you make some profit together with Bitcoin Billionaire, you’ll surely want to withdraw it. The withdrawal is closely connected with the verification. No profit can be withdrawn from an unverified account. To get your means, you’ll need to set up a list of withdrawal parameters, such as preferred currency, the amount, as well as the method. There’s a great variety of payment options to choose from, and many local currencies are supported.

Once all is set up, you’ll have to send a corresponding request and wait until approved and funded. Usually, it takes up to 24 hours.

Fee system

Bitcoin Billionaire is a free trading software, however, there’s a minimum fee to pay for the withdrawal of funds. Any withdrawal under $1.000 will cost an additional $5 to withdraw it. Otherwise, all the profit is preserved.

Feedback system

There’s a variety of positive reviews to be found on the landing page, as well as over the Internet. A fair share of negative reviews is present too, however, a single service can’t satisfy all.

Customer support system

After you’re through with the account creating, a support agent will give you a call to lead through all the processes and answer any questions. In case that’s not enough, you can always use the Support option on the website and send your inquiry to the team. The support team is fast and dedicated, so you can expect the issue resolved in the shortest time possible.

Broker system

Bitcoin Billionaire has proved to be working with a variety of trusted brokers from all over the world. There’s a dedicated broker in every country the vendor is legal in, and they ensure the legitimacy of all trades while the system carries out all the trading.

Essential points to consider when choosing Bitcoin Billionaire software

There are a few reasons why Bitcoin Billionaire is popular and demanded at the moment. They’re the following:

  • Return rate – Bitcoin Billionaire is said to provide a return rate as high as 50% weekly. Depending upon the initial investment, the sum may turn out to be considerable.
  • Faster algorithms – in trading, speed is of primary importance. Bitcoin Billionaire is built in such a way that its algorithms are a tiny bit faster than all the existing ones. Even a fracture of the second matters in trading, so Bitcoin Billionaire software developers used the possibility. Not to mention that the machine is always faster than any human.
  • Usability – the service is designed so that even the least experienced user can handle it. All the information on the website is stated clearly and in detail. The layout is intuitive and user-oriented, plus every potential investor can pick the interface language that they understand best.
  • Versatile payment options – Bitcoin Billionaire doesn’t limit the depositing or withdrawal processes to a sole payment method. Every user can pick the card, e-wallet, or transfer methods that correspond to their preferences. Besides, all the transactions are swift and timely.
  • Account creation/cancellation – any client can close or open their account at will. There are no restrictions.

Sure ways to increase profit with Bitcoin Billionaire software

Experienced users have personal strategies that can be applied to crypto trading to succeed with every operation. Beginners, on the other hand, should implement the most practical tips to gain the most of every trade.

Weigh the deposits out

Starting largely with an automated trading vendor is rarely a profitable approach. As long as you have no clear vision for every operation and its possible outcome, it’s suggested to stick to small investments. Trading with a minimum investment is one of the surest ways to profit and save yourself from unwanted losses. When you have a clear understanding of how to succeed precisely, you can proceed with the investment increase.

Keep the profits

The minute you win, the urge to double the income appears. However, it’s advised to treat all the profits with a cool head. If you want to invest the profit, withdraw at least half of it and re-invest the other half. Such an approach may not seem too beneficial, but it’ll ensure that you don’t lose more than you can afford.

Consult the experts

There are many more professional traders in the world that know a lot more than you. Most of them share their knowledge for free. That’s why browsing dedicated forums isn’t only a worthy but also an educational approach. The more you know about the industry, the better chances of improving your passive income will be.

Keep away from overinvesting

Although Bitcoin Billionaire isn’t a fake, it doesn’t control the crypto market, which is ever-changing. No user should invest more than it’s acceptable to lose. That’s the surest way to eliminate the negative outcome that a trade loss can bring over the financial state.

Final words

The crypto market is highly volatile and unstable, thus, an average human being can’t get a full grasp of all the underlying actions that occur. Platforms like Bitcoin Billionaire offer an automated helping hand to those considering cryptocurrency trading but lacking the necessary experience. The service is fast and well-tested, hence, the victory rate it offers is higher than average. Have you been dreaming about becoming a millionaire with the least effort involved? It’s high time to give Bitcoin Billionaire software a try!

Armando Faria
Chief Editor
Armando Faria, 69 years old, is Partner & CEO of TradebyTrade, a crypto-currency exchange platform.