Bitcoin Circuit is a cryptocurrency trading system that offers trading services for free. All it takes is a minimum deposit and you can launch profitable trades. Both manual and automated trades are supported. You can read the complete Bitcoin Circuit review here.

The cryptocurrency trading market is getting popular by the day and surely leaves the stock and other related markets behind. Such an increased interest and popularity can be explained by crypto trading’s simplicity and the fact that anyone with a primary investment and trading knowledge can start making money in an instant.

Therefore, free trading platforms like Bitcoin Circuit are in high demand. However, no matter the number of promising free trading robots available, not all are to be trusted. Today, let’s try to figure out if Bitcoin Circuit is a scam or not.

Basics of the Bitcoin Circuit trading system

It all began with two brothers. While both are smart and successful, one is great with math and all the algorithms, while the other knows a thing or two about upcoming trends and ways to predict successful startups. Combining the effort, siblings created the Bitcoin Circuit.

Bitcoin Circuit is an automatic cryptocurrency trading robot that offers people worldwide to invest in and profit from such a popular cryptocurrency as Bitcoin. What makes Bitcoin Circuit software different from the rest are the unique algorithms that allow the platform to search the trading market faster and complete trades that are mostly successful and profitable.

Does Bitcoin Circuit belong to the category of legitimate trading platforms?

Before any user considers an actual investment with a particular trading bot, they want to know that the service is 100% reliable. The primary sign of the trustworthiness of the service is its transparency. To support that, the Bitcoin Circuit website states it clearly that not all trading operations become successful. What’s more, as many as 70% of trades end up in losses. Considering the trading market volatility, the information is precise. The fact that the platform states it on the landing page adds up to its reputability.

Introduction to crypto trading with Bitcoin Circuit software

To join Bitcoin Circuit, it’s mandatory to create a personal account. All the data provided must be correct and precise. Otherwise, some unfortunate errors may prevent you from profiting when using the platform.

Account creation

Bitcoin Circuit registration starts when you go to the website’s home page and fill out the form. Such information as your name, surname, email address, password, and phone number are required. After all the fields are filled out, it takes a few minutes for the account to be confirmed and activated. The confirmation link will be sent to your email.


After a successful Bitcoin Circuit login, every new user is presented with a chance to make a primary deposit. Even though the service is free, to start trading, you should deposit the minimum sum of $250. It’s possible to make larger deposits. There are no limits to be aware of. However, it’s better to start with the minimum investment to experience the service and decide upon further cooperation.

Depositing options such as Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards are accepted. In case a card payment is out of the question, you can use an e-wallet option, such as PayPal, Netpay, Neteller, and others.

Demo testing

Should you decide to give Bitcoin Circuit a test, the demo mode is there for you. Demo trading provides a user with a better understanding of how the algorithm works, how fast the operations are carried out, and how successful the trading rate generally is.

Live trading

Before proceeding with Bitcoin Circuit live experience, there’s a list of parameters to set. All the parameters are set to default, and if you’re inexperienced in setting those on your own, the system is designed to do it for you. However, it’s advised to set such parameters as:

  • Risk level
  • Trading assets
  • Investment range per each trade
  • Trading strategies

Once you have those set, the bots will look for the best suitable way to fit the requirements and open or close trades on your behalf so that they’re the most profitable.

Primary features of Bitcoin Circuit which make it reputable

Each trading robot is unique and special in its own way, and it’s time to highlight Bitcoin Circuit’s peculiar features!

Verification system

Apart from the fact that the verification is fast and effective, it’s necessary too. Should you provide any incorrect information during registration, there may be issues arising regarding the funds to be withdrawn.

Payout system

Bitcoin Circuit payout system is simple and straightforward. When the trades are through, the system sums all the benefits up and allows it to re-invest or withdraw the funds.

Withdrawal system

Just like the Bitcoin Circuit depositing system, withdrawal operates with various payment options. Usually, the payment method chosen for depositing is used for funds withdrawal as well, with no introduced fees on Bitcoin Circuit. However, the bank you’re cooperating with may issue some charges. So, it should be discussed with a bank representative beforehand. All the withdrawals are timely and are sent to your bank within 24 hours after the withdrawal request.

Customer Service

Even though the Bitcoin Circuit website is intuitive and straightforward, all the processes and functions are self-explanatory, you can easily reach out to the customer support service in times of need. The support team is available 24/7 so that every request is answered on time and in detail.

FAQ about Bitcoin Circuit trading system

Does the platform support manual trading?

Bitcoin Circuit is an automated trading robot, but a manual trading option is also supported. Experienced traders can set a risk level, trading limit and amount, and a personal strategy that determines the trade. With all the access to the signals gathered by the algorithms, a trader is to decide when to sell or purchase, as well as end the trade.

Does Bitcoin Circuit support a mobile app?

The platform is designed to fit any smart device. Anything on the scale from smartphones to tablets and computers is supported, although there’s no dedicated application launched yet. However, as long as there’s a stable Internet connection, you can access the website and trade securely through any browser.

Which trading coins does Bitcoin Circuit support?

Bitcoin Circuit allows investors to trade using the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. However, trading with Ethereum, Litecoin, and EOS is also possible.

Does it take a lot of time to learn how to use Bitcoin Circuit?

Bitcoin Circuit is a user-oriented and straightforward trading platform. The software that the service uses is designed to provide investors with increased profits without lots of effort spent in the process. Although, it’s advised that every potential investor learns the crypto-trading basics before the initial trading operation.

Would Bitcoin Circuit suit busy people?

Just like most of the automated trading robots, Bitcoin Circuit is more than suitable for busy people. All it takes are a few minutes a day to activate the trades while trading bots do the rest.

Is there a definite number of trading operations a robot can take?

Bitcoin Circuit trading system is designed so that trading lasts as long as the live trading mode is active. So, there’s no trading operations limit whatsoever.

Final words

The tests have proved that Bitcoin Circuit is anything but a fake. It’s a free automated trading system that allows professional and inexperienced traders from every part of the world to participate in cryptocurrency investment. All it takes is a minimum deposit of $250, and you’ll get a step closer to becoming a millionaire. Make sure that you don’t miss the chance and grasp this opportunity of a lifetime!

Armando Faria
Chief Editor
Armando Faria, 69 years old, is Partner & CEO of TradebyTrade, a crypto-currency exchange platform.