One of the main reasons why cryptocurrency trading is gaining increased popularity is its profitability. However, not every potential investor is an experienced trader. That’s why automated trading bots are also in high demand. Surely, such an approach leads to the fierce competition but not all the trading vendors are equally trustworthy. Bitcoin Cycle is a trading system that has caught major attention recently, and thus, it’ll be the main subject of the review.

What makes the Bitcoin Cycle legitimate?

Not to waste anyone’s time, it should be pointed out whether Bitcoin Cycle is a scam or not. Should you start browsing through all available platform reviews, it becomes clear that most of them are positive, but there’s a fair share of disappointed users too. Nevertheless, the transparency of the platform’s policy and clear instruction as to how to operate the bot to make a profit speak of reputability.

Bitcoin Cycle states it loud and clear on the very landing page that a significant percentage (70%, to be more precise) of trades turns out to be unprofitable. All due to the market’s volatility, not because of some improper algorithms or strategies that the robot offers. Apart from that the software is designed to trade with Bitcoin exclusively which indicates the platform’s reliability and dedication to trusted currencies only.

What is Bitcoin Cycle trading system?

Since there are no actual facts confirming the Bitcoin Cycle being fake, it’s worth mentioning what it actually is. Bitcoin Cycle website is nothing more but an automated trading vendor allowing anyone to buy or sell Bitcoins. What makes the service so special is the unique algorithm that enables the least experienced traders to succeed with the operations because of the smart system.

Smart bots make trades on the user’s behalf ending with high profitability rates. Simultaneously, professional traders can manually set all the parameters and carry out all the operations personally.

How to join the Bitcoin Cycle platform?

In some aspects, Bitcoin Cycle software resembles other trading vendors – to start trading, you should create an account first.

Create a personal account

Account creation is a primary step on your way to successful investment and future profitable operations. Once you go to the Bitcoin Cycle landing page, you’ll see the registration form. It’ll take a couple of minutes to complete it. However, it’s advised to provide only valid and correct data to avoid any unfortunate misunderstandings later on.

Bitcoin Cycle registration includes name, surname, email address, as well as a phone number. Once the information is provided and checked, it’ll take a few minutes for the system to check it and confirm your newly created account. Once you receive the confirmation link to your mailbox, all you should do is follow it and proceed with trading opportunities.

Make primary deposit

After the Bitcoin Cycle login, you’re suggested to make a primary deposit. Otherwise, you can’t effectively carry on with the bot. The minimal depositing fee is $250. It can be transferred with the help of any credit or debit card, e-wallet, or any other payment option. Anything on the scale from MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal are accepted.

Run the demo mode

Right after you deposit the minimum sum, you can go on with live trades. However, if you’re not experienced with trading in general or haven’t tested automated trading bots before, it’s better to begin with a demo mode. The demo mode doesn’t differ from that of live trading. The only difference is that it’s free, and it’s aimed at giving the potential user an idea of how everything works.

Start the live trade

If the Bitcoin Cycle demo test has turned out to be satisfactory, you can instantly opt for live trades. If you decide to trade with automated bot assistance, you have to switch it on manually. After that, all the operations will be carried out without any interference. You can switch the mode off whenever feeling like it. The platform allows it to set up a stop-loss limit as well. Other than that, there’s barely anything else a user needs to do unless manual trading is preferred.

Defining characteristics that make Bitcoin Cycle experience reputable

Since the number of free trading platforms is growing by the day, it’s worth noting what makes Bitcoin Cycle special.

Demo mode

Bitcoin Cycle enables users to get the hang of the platform without losing any means in the process. Such an approach allows them to understand all the functions and strategies applied to trading to improve general trading profitability.

Security level

To make a deposit, or gain profit, as well as withdraw funds, every user should confirm the identity. That means that personal information provided circles around the system. So, many people are cautious about personal data leaks. Bitcoin Cycle belongs to services that use SSL online security to protect their users. Thus, improved safety 24/7 is ensured.

Payout system

When it comes to the Bitcoin Cycle payout system, it’s designed to calculate all the profits after every session. Not only is it fast and transparent, but also precise.

Withdrawal system

Even though the withdrawal system that Bitcoin Cycle features is fast and reliable, no one can withdraw their funds without proper verification. Such an approach ensures that the investor, aka the account holder, is the only one to issue the withdrawal. Bitcoin Cycle doesn’t feature any withdrawal fees, and usually, the funds are transferred to the investor’s bank account within 24 hours.

Stop-loss option

In case you don’t want all the funds to be invested in the trade during one session, you can easily set a stop-loss limit. However, the limit should be fixed before you hit the live trade button.

Practical first-time trader tips

No matter how reliable and straightforward Bitcoin Cycle is, there are some general tips to keep in mind when opting for an automated platform’s primary trading experience.

  • Daily sessions – the more, the better. The rule applies to cryptocurrency trades, no matter manual or automated. A few minutes spent daily with the platform will help you generate greater profits and gain trading experience.
  • Smart investment – if you’re new to the trading universe, starting big isn’t the best strategy to apply. It’s best to invest the minimum, to get a grasp of the operation, and get a better understanding of how the market works. Besides, investing more than you can afford to lose is always a poor strategy.
  • Instant withdrawal – the moment you make a profit, you should be able to withdraw it. Professional investors believe it’s always better to withdraw and reinvest than keep it and lose it.

FAQ about Bitcoin Cycle software

Is Bitcoin Cycle a paid service?

Bitcoin Cycle is a free automated trading robot. However, to start trading, a general minimum deposit of $250 is required.

Is there a Bitcoin Cycle app to download?

So far, there’s no dedicated application to be downloaded. Nevertheless, the platform is designed to work with all browsers and smart devices seamlessly. All you need to be able to trade with the robot is a stable Internet connection.

Can you withdraw cryptocurrency from the Bitcoin Cycle?

Cryptocurrency withdrawal is impossible. However, you can convert it to any local currency and withdraw it with ease.

Do you need to be a professional trader to start with the Bitcoin Cycle?

Bitcoin Cycle is one of those free automated trading robots that are designed for all. Suppose you don’t have any related experience. In that case, the service will lead you through the process seamlessly and help you acquire the necessary experience to carry on to the next level.

The bottom line

All in all, it’s super easy to join the Bitcoin Cycle and increase cryptocurrency trading profits with the platform. The trading algorithms the service uses seem to work flawlessly. It usually takes a few minutes a day to build passive income. In case you’ve been looking for a reputable platform to start trading with, Bitcoin Cycle may be your golden ticket to make use of. So, don’t waste another minute and go get it!

Armando Faria
Chief Editor
Armando Faria, 69 years old, is Partner & CEO of TradebyTrade, a crypto-currency exchange platform.