A chance to change your life radically starts with a simple decision. So, this is relevant to crypto trading, where you can change a lot with a simple registration. Thus, it’s critical to come up with a great, legitimate, and trustworthy platform. Thus, why not consider the Bitcoin Era to use for your trading? This platform claims to change your life and turn your life into something great.

However, what makes the Bitcoin Era reputable isn’t its claims and promises. The site has more than simple words. But before delving into this great site. With its simple design and promising software, even those new to trading with crypto may start their trading journey with this platform. With the Bitcoin Era website, you may start with a smaller investment but reach higher amounts.

What is Bitcoin Era software?

With the Bitcoin popularity, people have become interested in trading with crypto coins given their advantages and dynamics. Thus, such type of trading has entailed a series of risks, and this has paved the way for auto trading platforms. Since there are many of them, people need the one that can make trading more profitable and less risky. Here comes the Bitcoin Era app that has become popular worldwide thanks to its great services and features.

How Bitcoin Era app functions?

To understand if the Bitcoin Era is fake or real, you better understand how it functions as an auto trading platform. This platform started to work in 2016 with the software based on the complex algorithms backed by AI. Despite being a recent platform, its software has proven to be efficient in trading.

The site’s software allows you to start trading from scratch. So, by spending about 20 minutes a day, you can turn your capital into huge amounts. This is possible to the feature of auto trading, where your involvement in trading is decreased to the maximum. What you do is to configure the trading rules, and your trading robots will make all trading deals on your behalf. However, it’s worth spending some time to understand what auto trading is in reality so that your Bitcoin Era experience will be productive and positive.

Bitcoin Era auto trading in brief

Auto trading, or known as automated, is based on the set of algorithms aiming to assess the market tendencies to make rational conclusions that will lead to profitable deals. With highly-leveraged robots, you’ll have automated CFD trading with minimal involvement. Such a procedure makes your trading more stable and consistent. Bitcoin Era software creates trading options based on over 15 trading strategies.

So, the software is what makes the Bitcoin Era legitimateand real. Thanks to its patented and proprietary software, the automated system allows you to start your trading at any time you want. Moreover, the system tries to minimize human-induced flaws to keep trading smooth. Also, it employs various strategies specific to its software only.

Pros of automated trading on Bitcoin Era

  • less emotional trading option: with this platform, you’ll get trading free from human feelings. This helps to maintain trading discipline, as it’s known that human emotions may hinder trading decisions leading to asset losses.
  • diversification of coins: with this software, you’ll get the chance of diversification of coins so that you can avoid possible risks in the future, as one single coin type is never safe from volatility.
  • backtesting feature: when using this software, you’ll have an option to look at the past trading events and see how trading decisions have been made. It can help you configure trading rules when activating trading bots.

How to join Bitcoin Era

When accessing the homepage, you’ll see lots of interesting information about crypto trading and the site itself. You should spend some time to assess the site, but you won’t be bothered by unneeded links or disturbing ads. Everything is clear and easy to use.

Bitcoin Era registration

You’ll have smooth and fast registration once you decide to sign up. On the homepage, you’ll provide the basic information along with your email. Then, you’ll receive an email for verification. The process won’t take more than 20 minutes. Yet, you have to remember that this platform supports not all countries.

Bitcoin deposit requirement

Once you’re verified, you’ll have to take some time to make needed configurations on your account. You’ll have to make up a reliable password. Then, to start trading online, you should invest $250 in your account. This is a minimum requirement of the site to become a fully registered member online. What’s more, the site accepts several payment methods, including debit and credit cards.

Bitcoin Era live trading

When your investment is approved, you may start an auto trading option. For that, you need to click on the Start Auto Trading button. The bots you’ll activate are adjusted according to your credit limit, price, coins, etc. However, on this platform, you’re not obliged to use only trading bots. You may opt for manual trading as well.

Why join Bitcoin Era

Starting from the first Bitcoin Era login, you’ll start learning a lot from trading online. The world of crypto trading is ready to open its doors with this site and its great benefits for you making the trading process easier, more convenient, and safer.

  • speed: since it’s based on an automated system, all the processes are complete with impressive speed. Thus, Bitcoin Era payouts are completed faster than on the other sites.
  • language options: unlike many other auto trading platforms, Bitcoin Era makes it easy to use the site thanks to several language options. Here you can use the site in languages like Russian, Spanish, French, German, etc.
  • higher accuracy and win rates: the site has pinpoint accuracy with an impressive 90%. The success rates are about 88%, making the site one of the most successful and appealing for traders.
  • safety: the site and your data are protected from hacking and cyber-attack. Moreover, you’ll see some software tools like McAfee, Norton, BitGo, etc., that ensure safety online on the homepage.

Features to have a better trading experience on Bitcoin Era

Besides the great perks of the site, 3 practical features can make your trading experience much better. So, when online, don’t forget about them.

Demo account

If you want to test the Bitcoin Era for free, you need to choose a demo account feature on the site. With this option, you can test how auto trading software works. Moreover, you’ll have a chance to learn more about auto trading with cryptos. Besides, you’ll be given free virtual credits.

Customer Service

In case you have some problems online, you may access a help desk page. Here you’ll fill in the box where you should describe the reasons for your help request. The team will contact within a short time, as it’s available 24/7.


For now, the site claims to have a mobile app for Android users, yet it’s not available everywhere. But this isn’t a problem, as the site is compatible with many devices. So, provided you have internet access, you can trade on the go with iOS and Android devices.

Final verdict

It can be easily said that the Bitcoin Era isn’t a scam, as it offers a safer, convenient, and accurate platform with its licensed software. So, if you want to start trading without any experience, it’s time to register and try right now.

Armando Faria
Chief Editor
Armando Faria, 69 years old, is Partner & CEO of TradebyTrade, a crypto-currency exchange platform.