You may come across crypto more often these days. The reason is that people start to invest more in crypto coins. Trading with them becomes even more popular than other ones. Since there’s no central institution or government in charge of these coins, it changes the rules of the game. So, even those who are new to coins may start trading right now.

This makes Bitcoin Evolution reputable because it has gained the chance for many beginners to start trading from scratch. So, even if you don’t have prior experience, you still have a chance to catch up with the trend of bitcoins and other cryptos. Bitcoin Evolution software doesn’t only give a chance to start your trading, it gives you a chance to learn more about this type of trading. So how is this possible? Read on to discover.

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Evolution software


  • faster operations
  • responsive support team
  • no hidden or unclear charges
  • higher accuracy and success rates
  • language options
  • low deposit requirement


  • no mobile app
  • not supported in some countries
  • limited coin options

How Bitcoin Evolution app functions?

To understand whether Bitcoin Evolution is fake or real, it’s important to understand how it functions. Based on this, you can figure out to what extent this site is suitable for you. So, what does this platform offer? Once you register and fund your account, you’ll be redirected to the live trading. Here, you’ll have to set some trading rules and activate the trading robots that will perform trading deals on your behalf. Simply speaking, you’ll get access to an automated trading platform.

The problem is that there are lots of sites offering their auto trading options. Thus, you better look deeper to assess the real quality of Bitcoin Evolution software. Unlike many other platforms, this software is able to assess the market and its sentiments more profoundly. Thanks to such in-depth analysis and the latest tendencies taken into account, you’ll get higher performance in trading and appealing deals online. But why is automated trading good for you?

Bitcoin Evolution auto trading in brief

With the advent of cryptos, much has changed in trading. Given coins volatility and dynamic features with decentralized nature. The price changes in these coins have made people trade them, and thus, trading platforms have become indispensable tools. However, since more and more people get involved in trading, the automation of trading has opened new perspectives in investment and trade.

Auto trading is about accessing the market activities with the help of trading robots that you can activate. Such a feature is what has made Bitcoin Evolution legitimate, popular, and reliable. With its software programmed to work with complex algorithms backed up by AI. So, thanks to this complicated but accurate software, the trading robots seek better options to sell your coins for a lower price and find a better offer to sell them for a higher price. To do so, they analyze the market dynamics and latest trends both in economic and political spheres.

Pros of automated trading on Bitcoin Evolution website

Such automated trading features allow you to start getting profits from your coins even at the end of the first session. You better know some interesting pros of using this automated system in your trading. They make Bitcoin Evolution different from other scam sites. So, with this site, you’ll have a chance to:

  • maintain trading discipline with fewer emotions: auto trading minimizes human-related flaws as much as possible. One such flaw is a human emotion that can be a hindrance for you while trading.
  • save lots of time for yourself: one of the best advantages of this software is that you minimize your involvement in trading. You don’t have to spend hours sitting in front of your computers. All you need is to activate your trading bots.
  • diversify your assets: more and more coins appear in the market, and thus it’s important not to focus only on a single one. Exchange and investment in different coins may help you avoid some possible risks of losing your assets in the future.
  • backtest the trading activities: it’s great when you have access to the past trading deals. This will help understand the basics of trading. Moreover, you’ll learn to set the trading rules. With this feature, you’ll get more insights into crypto trading.

Cons of automated trading on Bitcoin Evolution website

Alas, the Bitcoin Evolutions software isn’t without its flaws. Since it’s designed and programmed by people, it may be vulnerable to several problems and risks. So, you better know that no system is ideal per se. You should know about the possible risks involved in auto trading.

  • technical problems: since your trading is done through your devices, all technical problems and glitches can be considered possible risks involved in trading. Also, internet connectivity is another mechanical problem that may occur.
  • backtesting problems: backtesting is great if you know how to balance between the real deals and theoretically ideal ones. There are cases when people over-rely on backtesting features and make improbable trading rules.
  • need to monitor: though the site claims that you won’t have to spend lots of time on trading, you should check your robots to avoid the above-mentioned problems. Lack of monitoring is one of the most dangerous risks resulting in asset losses.

How to join Bitcoin Revolution

When you visit the site, you’ll discover lots of interesting things. For example, the FAQ section can give some interesting information about crypto trading and the site. Here online, you’ll have more other interesting things to benefit from. To do so, you need to register online.

Bitcoin Evolution registration

After you access the official site, you’ll see the registration box on the right side. Here, you’ll have to provide the basic info along with your email. Within a short time, you’ll receive a verification mail to continue with verifying your account. Once you click on the register button, you give your consent to terms and privacy policy, which you can access at the bottom of the site.

Bitcoin Evolution deposit requirement

Since verification isn’t a long process, you’ll move on with funding your account. However, you better know that even though the site is an international platform, it’s not supported in all countries. To start trading, you’ll have to deposit $250, which is a minimum requirement. The site accepts several payment methods, including debit and credit card options.

Bitcoin Evolution live trading

In terms of coin options, it’s not possible to say that you’ll find many choices here online. Yet, you’ll find the most known like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, etc. Also, you may trade against fiat money as well. Your trading will start once you fund your account. Yet, you don’t have to start trading based on automated trading options. You can do it manually if you’re a professional trader.

Why choose Bitcoin Evolution?

From the first Bitcoin Evolution login, your journey is about to start. Besides the auto trading option, why should someone choose this platform?

  • speed: it’s not only registration that’s impressive in terms of speed, but all other operations are great in terms of speed. Bitcoin Evolution payout speed is also impressive and easy to access.
  • testimonials: testimonials of real people show the site has higher success rates owing to the software working with pinpoint accuracy. Auto trading works with accuracy higher than 90%.
  • transparency in services: you won’t end up thinking about suspicious fees or other charges. Everything is crystal clear, and the service, along with the software, is for free. The only fees to be charged are applied to your profits.
  • language options: unlike some sites providing everything in English, Bitcoin Evolution is much more different. To ensure full convenience, the site offers several language options like French, German, Spanish, etc.
  • safety: the platform prioritizes maximum safety online. It employs the latest technology to protect your data and assets. Moreover, the site employs different online tools to ensure safety from hacking or cyber-attacks.
  • user-friendly interface: when on this site, you won’t have difficulties navigating. The design isn’t complicated. You can find everything, and you won’t get confused by the numerous links. So, everything is in its place.

Features to have a better trading experience on Bitcoin Evolution

The site is simple, clear, safe, accurate, and fast. Besides these positive sides, Bitcoin Evolution offers some practical features making your trading experience more interesting, informative, and beneficial.

Demo account

What’s a demo account on this site? This is a feature allowing you to test Bitcoin Evolution for free. Actions speak louder than words. So, test this site with its actions and see how auto trading works. You’ll be given virtual credits for your trading session with this free trial account.

Customer service

If you have questions or problems related to trading online, you can ask for help on the help desk page. Here you’ll provide your name and email. Then, you’ll have to provide a detailed description of your request. The team will contact ASAP.


Bitcoin Evolution doesn’t offer any mobile apps. However, trading on the go is still possible thanks to compatibility features. The site supports several operating systems, making it possible to work on computers, tablets, or mobile devices. So, if you have internet access, you may start trading from any device.

Tips for trading on Bitcoin Evolution website

Although the site claims to have more positive results, it still warns about the possible risks involved in trading with crypto coins. So, if you’re new to crypto trading, you better follow these tips to avoid some unwanted risks.

  • do research about auto trading: even if auto trading makes it possible to trade without having experience, you better have some basic idea about it. Thus, you better do some research on trading with automated systems.
  • find out more on crypto coins: crypto isn’t about Bitcoin only. You’ll find hundreds of different cryptos. So, you need to have some knowledge of coins, wallets, platforms, etc. Bitcoin Evolution provides the basic info about crypto coins.
  • benefit and learn from the free trial: a demo account is the best chance to start learning about crypto trading and how it’s done based on the market and its sentiments. Here, you can afford to lose as much as you want.
  • don’t start with bigger amounts: although the site requires $250 as a minimum deposit, you don’t have to start trading directly with this sum. It’s better to start with smaller amounts so that you can lose and risk less.
  • invest and risk what you can afford: experts advise to start your trading adventure with the sum you can afford to lose. This is a sum called a disposable one.


If you’re new to trading with cryptos and don’t know where to start, Bitcoin Evolution is one of the best solutions. It doesn’t only give you a chance to start trading with its great software, but it also can help you learn and become more experienced in trading. So, time to become an expert.

Armando Faria
Chief Editor
Armando Faria, 69 years old, is Partner & CEO of TradebyTrade, a crypto-currency exchange platform.