With the Bitcoin System you can trade Bitcoin successfully and without much effort, because the robot does a lot of work. The deposited amount is invested in Bitcoin and can generate a good profit. The software offered by Bitcoin System has an algorithm that leads to a higher success rate. The algorithm thoroughly and quickly checks trends and statistics of the market as well as other data, which is very reliable. This information will help cryptocurrency traders make proper investments.

Many members note the ease of use of the platform, which means that you don’t need any CFD trading experience to use the robot. The website is easy to navigate. You can also find many positive reports about Bitcoin System experiences from numerous customers on the Bitcoin System homepage.

In addition to the cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin System gives your customers the opportunity to trade stocks, commodities, CFDs or Forex. Read more details about the Bitcoin System trading platform and try out crypto trading.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin System software


  • Beginner friendly software
  • Easy cash withdrawal
  • Free account
  • Small minimum deposit
  • Easy trading
  • No hidden fees
  • Win rate up to 88%
  • Unlimited profit potential
  • Multiple payment options


  • The platform selects local brokers
  • No app

Registration at Bitcoin System

Registering with the platform is straightforward and the form is easy to understand and fill out. It will only take you a few minutes.

Account creation

Before you can start your first trade with Bitcoin System, you first need to create a personal account.

Go to the registration and enter your personal data, your name and surname. To register, you also need a correct e-mail address and mobile phone number as well as a secure password.

The system will verify your identity. You will receive a confirmation email. Click on the activation link in the email and confirm your registration. Then enter your email address and password. You are now a member of the platform. There is no fee to join.

Get to know Bitcoin System

Get to know the platform first. Try out the demo account and play around with the software to get a feel for the navigation, button location and website functionality. You will see different operations performed by the software’s robots. Analyze these results to understand how much money you want to invest in the beginning.

Payment of the minimum amount

If you are comfortable with the system, you can now invest the initial amount of USD 250. You can of course deposit a larger amount, but it is always better to start with the lowest amount.

You can deposit your trade amount into the account using a debit or credit card. This data is also used to verify your identity. It is important to use a card on your behalf for the system to recognize you. So for deposit you need a valid bank card.

Start your trading with Bitcoin System

You can now start trading live. All you have to do is set your parameters and choose between the automated or manual mode. It is recommended to start in automated mode if you are a beginner in crypto trading. Then when you understand the trading process better and feel confident, you can try a manual approach.

Trading Bitcoin is different from an exchange, all processes are simpler here. After the account is created, you will be connected to a broker. You inform him what you think, whether Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency will go down or up according to the parameters you choose. If the prediction is correct, you will make a profit.

It takes about 20 minutes to set your own trading parameters. If you choose to do it automatically, the software will do most of the work for you.


The top currency Bitcoin is the platform’s main currency. The trading robot also trades with other types of crypto currencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • EOS

When you are ready to trade, select the number of trades and the amount.

Payment processing

The Bitcoin System trading platform handles all payment transactions quickly and accurately.

Payment methods

The platform accepts both debit and credit cards.

Fast payouts

The money earned will be transferred directly to your bank account. Withdrawal requests are usually processed on the day they are submitted. Your transaction will be completed and in your bank account in approx. 24 hours at the latest.

Bitcoin System App

Currently Bitcoin System does not have a mobile app. However, the homepage can be called up problem-free via any browser and is quick to react. This means that the website is easy to see on the smaller screen.


There are no fees for trading the Bitcoin System. However, users have to pay a 2% commission on all winnings they got through the robot.

Customer service

The Bitcoin System platform is pretty easy to use. If you have any additional questions, the website has plenty of study materials and FAQs for you to read. For personal contact there is live chat and an email address so that you can ask questions or offer assistance.

Bitcoin System is a scam or a legitimate platform?

Existing members’ experience and research suggest that Bitcoin System is a reputable crypto trading software.


Security is very important to the platform. The data of all customers is well protected. The website is well encrypted so that all information is not available to third parties.

Tips for Successful Trading with Bitcoin System

Follow the recommendations below for successful crypto trading.

  • In the beginning, stick to the small amount. Only when you are already familiar with the software can you increase your investment.
  • Once you’ve started making profits, you can reinvest in the new trade. You no longer have to deposit your own money into the account.
  • Withdraw regularly so you know how it works and how long it will take for the money to get into your account.
  • Set the automatic mode and let the software run. However, check the website every now and then during the day to get an idea of how trading on the platform works.
  • It is advisable to use the auto trade function as the market is very volatile and changing quickly.
  • Keep calm and don’t get nervous, this is what you need to get a good deal on.
  • Make decisions based on concrete data and analysis, avoid emotions.
  • Bet your loss and / or profit limit.
  • Act as often as possible.


Bitcoin System is one of the newest auto trading systems for cryptocurrency via Contracts for Difference. The special algorithm makes trading extremely user-friendly. Positive experience reports as well as pleasant trading procedures make the software very beneficial. You have a good chance of making attractive profits from Bitcoin trading. Experience your first crypto trade with Bitcoin System!

Armando Faria
Chief Editor
Armando Faria, 69 years old, is Partner & CEO of TradebyTrade, a crypto-currency exchange platform.