Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, many traders have been seeking ways to make big money with the emergence of this pioneer digital currency. But since its market is fairly complex and volatile, careful planning and precision strategizing are both required in order to succeed in crypto trading. That’s when a group of software engineers, with a secret flair for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, decided to change the crypto game forever, by creating auto traders. And that is where the Bitcoin Trader trading system gets its roots and early start from. Whether it is a legitimate site or a scam spoof, the answers are all here in this comprehensive review of Bitcoin Trader and its features.

What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is just like any other trading platform that you can find out there, with real-time market indices, tangible assets on its trading board, and a whole set of features to help its users along their way through digital trading. The only glaring difference is that most trading platforms require years of skills and hours of manual strategizing and trading, unlike Bitcoin Trader where users can trade at a single click, even with minimal knowledge on the markets and how trades work. These auto trading bots are continually updated and maintained to ensure that they are always at their best performance, searching for the most profitable trades and bringing the gains right to you.

How do the bots work?

A bunch of profit finding bots can sound like something bordering a fairytale, especially in this hard-knock world. But with the latest advancements in technology, even the stuff of dreams can come to life. These auto bots rely heavily on AI or artificial intelligence to power their actions and decision making. They are fed with decades worth of historical data, trend patterns, trading activity, even human trading tendencies, to help predict the best buys in the market as well as anticipate how humans would react to changes in the market, which ultimately lead to rises and spikes. All these give the bots the great power of being able to “see” the market, even before it happens.

Is it a scam?

When faced with something so unbelievable, it’s only human nature to dismiss it as a falsity. But Bitcoin Trader is far from being a scam or a fake. This trading app has won over 15 different awards in multiple trading-related categories from around the globe since being first started up in 2016. It has also been touted Most Profitable Robot 2020 award by the American Trading Association, further cementing its contributions to the growing auto trading scene. Other awards it has bagged include the Best Robot in Trading Technologies 2019 and the Most Profitable Crypto Robot in 2018 awards.

Highlighted features

Although this site does have a chunk of similarities with a lot of other financial asset trading sites, it does have a few key features that make it unique and profitable. And unlike the rest of the sites, users of Bitcoin Trader need work only half as hard to reel in profits double, even triple, of what the manual trading people make. Let’s take a quick glimpse at what makes the Bitcoin Trader different from every other trading platform on the planet and that can bring in the big bounties straight to you.

Time-leap charting

The charts on Bitcoin Trader are unique, in that the market rates are retrieved from blockchains at a fraction of a second faster compared to major exchanges around the globe. This millisecond of difference is good enough for the trading bots to grab the trade and seal the deal for you before others do. Even manual traders can benefit from this small difference in charting times if they are as nimble as the trading bots themselves.

Built-in alerts

Master strategists can rest easy knowing that they can fit an alert for almost every one of their chart projections. Traders can link their mobile phones to the system and get the app to constantly stay in touch with updates of their trading portfolios. You can choose to receive text updates, emails, even push notifications via the Bitcoin Trader mobile app. These alerts come with links directly to the Bitcoin Trader login page, where you can swiftly access your account and begin a trade before time runs out.

Forecasting instruments

Projecting trades and trendlines have never been easier with a trading toolkit as diverse as the one on Bitcoin Trader. With various indicators and chart drawing tools, skilled traders can anticipate the next few ups and downs of the markets that they have invested in. Projection graphs can also be saved and viewed at a later date, which is great for when you need to look back at a working strategy sometime in the future. These charts can also be overlapped to show any disparity between the projections and real-time indices.

Event ticker

The event ticker is where brokers and traders get their latest dose of news from. As a busy financial strategist and trader, it’s almost impossible to have a quiet moment to read the paper and catch up with the happenings in the world around. So, a quick look at the event ticker will tell you what you need, from political updates, policy and legal improvements, technological advancements, and just about anything that can have an effect on the volatile digital asset markets.

Social trading

This exclusive feature allows new traders to mimic the trade strategies of successful users. A list of users can be found through the “Copy Trading” tab. Here, you will see the strategies listed, along with their returns and profits reaped within the closest 12 months. You will also be able to see how many copies each strategy has, giving you a good idea of which ones really do work and which don’t. Having this feature means that you don’t have to pick up trading skills to make a profit. Simply select a strategy that works and let the bots take care of the rest for you.

Why should I choose Bitcoin Trader?

It’s true that there are a ton of other trading platforms out there that you can invest in. But, what the Bitcoin Trader software can offer you is exclusive and not available anywhere else. From top notch trading tools to smooth transactions, here’s why the Bitcoin Trader trading system should be your platform of choice.

  • Bitcoin Trader is secured with the latest in data protection and encryption.
  • Free auto trading bots feature, unlike other sites that charge up to $ 5000.
  • Potential earnings of up to $ 1500 daily.
  • Trading accuracy above 92%.
  • Up to 10% interest returns on your deposits
  • Around the clock customer support channels.
  • Swift transactions through verified payment gateway providers.
  • 24-hr withdrawals with no limits.
  • Active market monitoring systems.
  • Educational suite with basic strategies, guides and best practices in crypto trading.
  • Member loyalty perks, lower interest rates and comp points.
  • Personal account managers for VIP members

Joining Bitcoin Trader

By now, you would have already figured out that Bitcoin Trader is merely an automated trading site and not a fake or scam as many have claimed it to be. And this detailed dissection of the site so far has probably left you wondering where the Bitcoin Trader registration page is. And that is exactly where you will be guided towards in this next section. Here’s the outline of the registration process at Bitcoin Trader, for your benefit.

  1. Visit the official Bitcoin Trader site.
  2. The signup page should be located somewhere at the top portion of the homepage.
  3. Enter the required personal particulars like your name, email, and mobile phone number.
  4. You will then be redirected to the verification page. You can choose to verify via phone or self-activate using the steps listed on the page. Complete either one of them.
  5. Once completed, you will be prompted to provide further information such as your educational background, location, and a few other key details for your personal file. You can select “Finish later” as well and be redirected to the trading page.
  6. The “Deposit” button will be located at the top right-hand corner of the trading dashboard, in gradiented green. Click on that to make your first investment of $ 250. You can also choose to take a look around the site and its features in the demo mode.
  7. Note that the active trading view will only be activated once a minimum deposit is made to Bitcoin Trader.

Can I try it out without money?

Yes, you absolutely can! There is a built-in demo version of the site where you will be given virtual credits to utilize and try your hand at trading in a real market environment. The feed on the demo display is also in real-time, giving you a first-hand look into the possible gains and risks that you will be facing when going up against digital currency trading indices. You will also have access to the full features that the Bitcoin Trader software has to offer, so you can familiarize yourself with the platform before investing in cold, hard cash.

Is there a mobile app?

The Bitcoin Trader app is currently limited to Android users. The apk file can be downloaded directly from Google Play and is quite a light build that works with all versions of Android. Layout and navigation-wise, the app is perfect for trading on devices with smaller screens like smartphones and tablets. As for iOS users, there seems to be an app in development but with some delays due to Apple’s tight security protocols. Keep a lookout for that release sometime soon, iOS users!


  1. Q: Can I trade manually on Bitcoin Trader?
    A: Yes, traders can choose to disable the auto-trading feature and manually make trades and exchanges at their discretion.
  2. Q: How much does sign up cost?
    A: Signing up with Bitcoin Trader is absolutely free of charge. Keep in mind that most other similar sites charge up to $ 5000 for the use of trading robots on their sites.
  3. Q: Is this an MLM scheme?
    A: No. MLM and Bitcoin Trader are two completely different things. Bitcoin Trader does not require the recruitment of more members, you will be making profits off the market differences within different periods for a financial asset of your choice.
  4. Q: How much can I earn daily?
    A: When done right, daily profits per trader can reach $ 1500. Most reach their first million within a year of two of their first investment with this site.
  5. Q: How many hours do I have to spend to get a profit on this site?
    A: Surprisingly, unlike other trading sites, there is no need for hours slaving away at strategizing and planning. You only need to spend about 20-30 minutes daily managing your trading bots and they will do everything else for you.
Armando Faria
Chief Editor
Armando Faria, 69 years old, is Partner & CEO of TradebyTrade, a crypto-currency exchange platform.