News Spy software is a great option for your trading with crypto coins, especially if you’re new to this type of trading. But how is that possible for someone new to start trading online as easily as the site promises? The reason is simple as the platform works with the auto trading principle, so all you need to do is to register and activate your trading bots, which will, in turn, minimize your involvement in trading, doing everything on your behalf.

What makes News Spy reputable and trustworthy is a system created with great care and quality. You can find lots of useful information on this platform alongside a chance to become a professional trader. Moreover, it has practical features for you as a trader with which you can learn more about the trading process. When it comes to the site, you’ll find appealing information on what Bitcoin is and how trading with it has become so popular. There’s more you can learn about this platform with this review.

Pros & Cons of News Spy software


  • smooth and quick registration
  • responsive customer service
  • no hidden fees
  • a great range of payment methods
  • higher success rates
  • minimal deposit requirement


  • no mobile app
  • not supported in some countries
  • limited coin options

How News Spy app functions?

Is News Spy a fake or real platform? To answer this question, it’s critical to understand how this platform works in reality. So, first of all, this is a platform offering auto trading, also known as an automated one. It focuses on providing its services for professional and novice traders. Although the site encourages everyone to start their trading adventure, it also gives a warning about the market volatility that is hard to predict, resulting in asset loss.

With the advent of Bitcoin, trading with cryptos has gained speed and popularity among traders. Yet, auto trading has become an inevitable tool in trading with cryptos, given its features and practical solutions. With its help, traders have started to trade more efficiently, accurately, and faster. So, read on to know more about what auto trading is and why it’s a good idea to experience it on the News Spy platform.

News Spy auto trading in brief

Nowadays, there’s a significant and substantial rise in interest in cryptos given their nature offering great profits. So, considering all risks, the News Spy website offers its software with an auto trading option. It’s about activating trading bots to be active in the market with the program executing entries and exits. All you need to do is just set trading rules that these robots are required to follow.

Among many sites claiming to have such trading options based on automated systems, it’s not always a case to come across as legitimate as News Spy. The first reason it stands out among other sites is its unique and proprietary software that minimizes human-induced errors. Another interesting and appealing point, this software analyses the market in-depth taking into consideration the latest trends based on the news. However, there are other great benefits it has for you.

Pros of automated trading on News Spy website

What makes News Spy different from scam sites is about great perks of its software. Thanks to its complicated algorithms making accurate prognosis with an AI-backed system, you’ll have a great and insightful experience online. Also, you’ll get the following:

  • you’ll have less emotional trading: thanks to the automated system working online, your trading experience on News Spy tends to be free from emotions like fear, doubt, greed, hesitation, etc. Such sentiments can be obstacles to making decisions more rationally.
  • auto trading allows you to diversify your coins: when starting your trading with crypto coins, you’ll see that many guides advise diversification of coins to avoid possible risks. With this software on News Spy, you can access diverse coins available online.
  • this software helps you save lots of time: when it comes to time management, it can be hard to manage time with your personal and trading. So, with this software, you minimize your actions and involvement to a minimum so that you can dedicate your time to your own business.
  • the site gives an opportunity for backtesting: with this feature, you’ll get access to the past trading decisions. This may give you some insights on how to set the trading rule before activating the bots. Moreover, this will help you understand the basics of trading and market sentiments.

Cons of automated trading on News Spy website

When considering the cons of trading with an automated system, you should be aware that they’re about possible risks. Why do risks happen? Since the software is the creation attributed to people, it can’t be flawless and not protected from human errors 100%. Thus, your discretion is critical.

  • you can face mechanical problems: when using an auto trading option, be sure you have ensured internet connectivity. Some small glitches may result in the cancellation of your trading deals or even loss of your assets.
  • you can over-rely on the backtesting: this feature is actually great, but people sometimes rely totally on it. It’s for informative purposes, but it can lead to over-optimization when your trading offer won’t happen, so-called discrepancies in trading rules.
  • you may need to monitor your trading: though the system promises to minimize your involvement doing almost everything on your behalf. It’s important that you control the trading process to avoid possible technical and unexpected problems.

How to join News Spy

Thanks to the fast operating system, your process of joining the site will be smooth. So, before you want to become a part of this software, you should browse the site for useful links. There are many interesting pieces of information and useful links that can tell more about the site itself.

News Spy registration

On the home page, you’ll see the registration box on the right side of the platform. You’ll have to provide your first name, last name, email, and telephone number with the country code option available. Don’t forget that not all countries support this site. Once you provide the required info, you click on Register Now, and thus you consent to terms and privacy policy, you can access on the homepage.

News Spy deposit requirement

The verification won’t take more than half an hour. Once you verify your account, there’s a need to invest in your account to enable trading bots online. There are several payment methods accepted by the site, and you might opt for credit and debit cards. The minimum requirement is $250.

News Spy live trading

The site offers not so many coins you can trade, yet can trade those available against crypto or fiat currencies. Still, you may have options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. After you’ve funded your account, you may activate the robots or trade manually, which is good for professional traders. These robots will analyze the market and latest news to come up with great deals for you.

Why choose News Spy?

Starting from your first News Spy login, your life can change. You’ll discover a world where trading is fast, convenient, and effective. This is possible for several reasons making this platform great and legitimate.

  • speed: the site claims to perform all operations in 0.01 seconds making it one of the fastest platforms. Moreover, it has impressive speed when it comes to News Spy payouts processed within 1 or 2 days.
  • language options: since it’s an international platform, you won’t have to use only the English language. It supports other languages. You may opt for German and French as well.
  • higher success rates: with an accuracy of more than 90%, you’ll get the software with pinpoint accuracy. This will ensure more win rates among the traders online. So, with a relatively small investment, you can change your life for the better.
  • no hidden charges: the fees you’ll have to pay will be applied to your profits. There are no other additional or hidden payments. So, no need to pay for brokers or other commission, and the software is totally free to use.
  • safety: the site does its best to protect your data from being attacked or hacked. It employs the latest technology to ensure your security online. Moreover, it employs different software tools to protect and monitor online activities.
  • user-friendly interface: it’s critical that even those new to trading have an understanding of the site and trading. Thus, News Spy has made its interface clear and easy to use. It provides great insights on the homepage so that you can be informed about everything.

Features to have a better trading experience on News Spy

Being fast, easy, and safe is why this platform can be regarded as top-notch. However, don’t forget about some pragmatic features that add to the site’s greatness and efficiency. So, once you’re decisive about trading with crypto coins, don’t forget about the following features.

Demo account

Free News Spy test will be a great feature to have. Why is it good to have? First of all, before you start trading with automated software, it’s advisable to see how the system works in reality. Secondly, this feature can help you gain some practical knowledge about trading and its risk. Finally, the site will provide you with virtual money you can spend on trading with automated robots. So, why not have a risk with the virtual money?

Customer service

Before you start asking questions, take some time and read through the FAQ section that has useful information for you. But if you need some assistance after that, at the bottom of the page you’ll find a Contact Us link. You’ll be redirected to the help-desk where you’ll have to give your email along with the description of your request or problem. The team available 24/7 will reach you.


The site doesn’t provide any mobile apps for traders online. However, it doesn’t make it impossible to have trading on the go. If you have an internet connection, you can access the site from various gadgets and your mobile phone. The site is compatible with well-known operating systems of computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Tips for trading on News Spy website

When online, you’ll have to be careful with how you trade. Though the system promises a great trading experience, nothing can be without problems. So, trading has some potential problems. So, be aware of the following to bring your risk to a minimum:

  • do research about trading: auto trading is great as it gives chances for everyone, yet to have some background knowledge is never bad. So, try to learn something about crypto trading and automated system.
  • learn more about cryptos: when talking about cryptos, people don’t talk about cryptos. There are lots of coins you should be aware of. So, spend some time to know the most traded and dynamic ones.
  • start with a free trial: don’t rush with live trading. You should spend some time with a demo account to get a bit experienced in auto trading. Don’t miss such chance on the News Spy website.
  • start with small amounts: even though the site requires $250 as a minimum deposit, the trading sum is up to you. So, when setting your robots, you may start with less amount than your first deposit.
  • invest an affordable amount: trading isn’t only about gaining. You can lose your assets with one wrong decision. So, be sure to invest as much as you can afford to lose, so-called disposable sum.


Why join News Spy? First, it’s about the software quality ensuring plug-and-pay, faster payouts, pinpoint accuracy, and automated trading. Then, the site gives you a chance to test the site for free. What’s more, it’s a safe platform where you may change your life for good.

Armando Faria
Chief Editor
Armando Faria, 69 years old, is Partner & CEO of TradebyTrade, a crypto-currency exchange platform.